Save the Veil was created by Southern California Wedding Planner, Jill Watson. After coordinating many weddings where windy conditions caused her brides veils to blow every which way, disrupting the ceremony & photos, Jill decided that there was a need to find a way to keep those veils down. So, Jill created these beautiful pieces of magnetic jewelry that can be easily attached to a brides veil…..”so when the wind blows……her veil won’t.”

Veil Weights jewelry are something every bride should have with her on her wedding day if her wedding is at the beach, on a cliff by the ocean, on an island, on a yacht, at the desert, in wine country or in a windy city. Using Save the Veil will ensure that your veil will stay in place during your photos before and after as well as during your ceremony.

Save the Veil is also great for you if you have always wanted that beautiful veil, but thought you could not have it because the wind would blow your veil all over during your outdoor wedding ceremony….your problem is now solved!

When your wedding day is over….you can use Save the Veil to wear as a piece of jewelry or use them as magnets to hang up your beautiful wedding photos. A keepsake and piece of your wedding to have with you always.